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As a UI/UX design team, we were tasked with redesigning and

rebranding the website for UDS, an IFM service company. Our

main goals were to improve the user experience, modernize

the design, and better showcase the company's services.

Project Objectives

Before the redesign, the old website was outdated, cluttered,

and difficult to navigate. The layout was confusing, the text was

small and hard to read, and the overall design was not

aesthetically pleasing. Our team conducted research to

understand the company's target audience, their needs and

preferences, and to identify areas for improvement.Our first

step was to simplify the layout and make the website more

intuitive. We removed unnecessary elements and reorganized

the content to make it easier to understand. We also increased

the font size and added more white space to make the text

more readable. The new design features a clean and modern

aesthetic with a color scheme that reflects the company's


In addition to the website redesign, we also worked on rebranding efforts for the company. This included designing posters, social media handles, ID card design, email signature, standee, flyers, and pitch deck design. Our goal was to create a consistent brand image that reflects the company's values and


Overall, the new website and branding efforts have received

positive feedback from both the client and their customers. The

new website has improved user experience, increased

engagement, and helped the company stand out in a

competitive industry. Our team is proud of the work we've done

and look forward to continuing our partnership with UDS.

UX Design

Ashwin, Safeer