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Edstem is a software development tech company that needed a rebranding and a website to showcase their expertise and value proposition. They hired us to help them achieve digital brilliance. We researched their market, competitors, and trends, and created a brand strategy and a new visual identity for them. We also designed a stunning and user-friendly website that highlighted their products, services, and portfolio.




Our design process was a carefully curated journey to elevate

the brand. We initiated with a thorough competitor analysis,

delving into market dynamics to position Edstem uniquely.

Moodboards, enriched with strategic keywords, set the tone for

creativity. We then explored three distinct design routes,

allowing them to choose the one that resonates with their brand

vision. Through collaborative refinement, we finalized a design

concept that encapsulated their brand essence. The journey

culminated in the creation of logos and a comprehensive brand

identity, ensuring that Edstem not only stands out but also

communicates their values effectively. At every step, we

prioritized collaboration and excellence to deliver design


UX Design

Ashwin, Safeer

Brand Development

Ashwin, Jithin